What is a policy fee?

When you receive your insurance policy from White Pigeon Mutual you will see a policy fee on your bill. A policy fee is a yearly charge to cover certain expenses related to issuing and renewing your policy. These costs include the processing of your application, printing costs, postage costs, inspection costs and administrative and handling fees associated with your policy.

We continually try to keep our expenses down. Unfortunately, there are certain costs that cannot be avoided. Policy fees are not new to insurance and may be included in the premium with some companies. In 2003 the Iowa Insurance Division required companies, like White Pigeon, to break these fees out and show them to the consumer.

What do I do after a loss?

    • Contact your agent immediately and report the claim. Your agent will not make a determination of coverage, but will send the claim immediately to our office. The adjustor will contact you, after checking your policy coverage.
    • In case of theft, vandalism or malicious mischief, also notify the police.
    • Protect your property from further damage. Make necessary and reasonable repairs to protect the property.
    • Make a list of all damaged or destroyed property, showing in detail quantities, costs, actual cash value and amount of loss.
    • In the case of livestock death also permit a licensed veterinarian to perform a post mortum examination within 48 hours of death.

By following these steps you will aid the adjustor in settling the claim as promptly as possible.

What policy payment plans do you have?

We offer annual, semi-annual and quarterly payment options. Those plans as well as a monthly payment option are available for customers that wish to have an automatic EFT withdrawal.

I do not have any other structures: why is it listed on my policy?

The HomeGuard policy is a package policy. It automatically includes coverage based off of the dwelling value for other structures, contents and additional living expense. Policyholders do not pay extra for those coverages.

What are your office hours?

Each agency sets its own office hours. If you have a question about when they will be open, please contact them directly. The home office hours are M-F 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

I noticed on my Declarations page that there are cattle, sheep, horses and hogs listed under my Farm Blanket Coverage. Why are those listed when I do not have any livestock?

Those are maximum limits and only apply to those policyholders that have livestock. If a policyholder needs more coverage than the limits they should immediately contact their agent.


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